-Microsatellites by fragment analysis (single-locus).

-SNiPs, analysis of polymorphism in single base (single-locus).

-AFLP, amplified fragment lenght polymorphism (multi-locus).

Technical data sheet of the service

Services Provided

About 6,000 samples analysed per year, mainly for genetic population studies on marine plants (seagrass).

Genotyping is the process that allows identifying the genotype of an organism by biological testing (genotype testing). There are several techniques that can be used for genotyping mainly with a multi-locus or single-locus approach. The service offers three different analytical approaches:

-Microsatellites (single-locus). Fragments analysis is achieved by capillary electrophoresis and applied to population genetics studies, primarily on aquatic plants (seagrasses) and algae. We analyze an average of 6000 samples per year.

-SNiPs, analysis of polymorphism in single base (single-locus). SNiPs analysis is realized at the SBM using the Snapshot technology that allows the analysis, through capillary electrophoresis, of any samples with the use of only one specific oligonucleotide.

-AFLP, amplified fragment lenght polymorphism (multi-locus). The detection is realized at SBM through capillary electrophoresis.


Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) 3730 DNA Analyzer 48 capillaries


Dr. Elio Biffali

Tel.: +39 081 5833298

e-mail: elio.biffali(at)szn.it

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