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Description Preparation of media and plate for bacteriology and media for animal cell culture, supply of modifying enzymes, supply of several products and reagents for Molecular Biology and ISH experiments, preparation of competent cells for bacterial transformation etc. Provisioning of normal and modified synthetic oligonucleotides satisfying all the needs of the Institute.
Services Provided

- Sterilization of glassware, flasks, liquid and semi-solid media for bacteriology and general solutions and buffers.

- Preparation of solutions and media for bacteriology.

- Preparation and testing of bacterial competent cells for transformation by electroporation.

- Maintenance, preparation of aliquotes and distribution of the stock of enzymes, antibiotics and various reagents (ISH, etc.) and Kits for Molecular Biology, for more than 200 different products.

 - Centralization of the request for the synthesis of oligonucleotides.


- Janus (Bio Air) cappa a flusso laminare 70 cm;

- Elix 10 (Millipore) sistema produzione acqua pura;

- Synergy-UV (Millipore) sistema produzione acqua ultrapura;

- FV-A (Fedegari) Autoclave per sterilizzazione);

- Mod. 800 (Memmert) stufa termostatata ventilata per batteriologia;

- Mod. 600 (Memmert) stufa termostatata ventilata 50°C;

- Mod. 000 (Memmert) stufa termostatata 200°C;

- HT Multitron (Infors) Shaker refrigerato per batteriologia;

- -86°C Ultra-freezer (Forma)


Dr. Elio Biffali

Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Unit

Tel. +39 081 5833298

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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