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BIOINformatics FOR MArine biology

Bioinformatics Services, Consultancy and Education




The bioinformatics service starts with the funding of the BIOINforMA project (Bioinformatics for Marine Biology), a Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn flagship project aimed at the creation of a bioinformatics service for internal activities but also as support for external requests.

The main purpose of the service is the design and development of advanced and innovative methodologies for the analysis, storage and integration of biological data, thus supporting the research based on “omics” technologies.

Moreover, the service offers support for the management and the maintenance of hardware resources for high performance computing (HPC).

Services provided

Data analysis:

  • Support for data analysis and experimental project design
  • Methodologies for basic and advanced bioinformatics

Massive data maintenance:

  • Support for data maintenance
  • Support for data analysis, curation and integration

Design, implementation and maintenance of dedicated databases and software

Education and training in bioinformatics

For further information please refer to the dedicated web page at http://bioinfo.szn.it/

High Performance Computing Machines available at the Service


Maria Luisa Chiusano

+39 0815833452 / +39 0812539492



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