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Acquisition of the key hydrographic data, water sample collection and pretreatment (for the analyses of the main physical, chemical and biotic variables).

These activities are mainly carried on board the M / N Vettoria or on other research vessels. Moreover, in absence of suitable support structures, a fully equipped mobile laboratory can be set up, allowing the first processing of samples.

Services provided
  • Continuous acquisition of the key hydrographic variables (temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, transmission, PAR, SPAR and pH) along the water column by means of CTD profiler;
  • Use of optical (eg.  Spectroradiometers) and turbulence profilers;
  • Collection from Niskin bottles and pretreatment on board of samples for the analyses of the main abiotic and biotic variables:

ü  Inorganic nutrients,

ü  Total and dissolved N and P,

ü  Dissolved oxygen,

ü  Dissolved organic carbon (DOC),

ü  Particulate organic carbon (POC)

ü  Total suspended solids (TSS),

ü  Chlorophyll a and Photosynthetic pigments

ü  Picoplankton and bacteria ( for FCM analysis)

ü  Plankton

  • Sampling of plankton through net (phytoplankton, microzooplankton and mesozooplankton).

Equipped research boats

Multi-parametric CTD probes and Automatic sampler

Carousel with 12 Niskin bottles

Optical and turbulence profilers


Fabio Conversano

Tel. + 39 081 5833357

e-mail: fabio.conversano(at)szn.it


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