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Effect of biodegradable polymers upon grazing activity of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lmk) revealed by morphological, histological and molecular analyses

High microbiome and metabolome diversification in coexisting sponges with different bio-ecological traits

Accelerated nitrogen cycling on Mediterranean seagrass leaves at volcanic CO2 vents

Evolution of tissue-specific expression of ancestral genes across vertebrates and insects

Developmental toxicity of pre-production plastic pellets affects a large swathe of invertebrate taxa

Characterization of thyrotropin-releasing hormone producing neurons in sea urchin,
from larva to juvenile

Evolution of the ribbon-like organization of the Golgi apparatus in animal cells

Response of two temperate scleractinian corals to projected ocean warming and marine heatwaves

Seagrass genomes reveal ancient polyploidy and adaptations to the marine environment

Sea cucumbers: an emerging system in evo‑devo

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