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Rilievi idrografici


The IRM unit deals with the collection of material to be used for both research and outreach activities. The material collection is carried out in different coastal environments, including port areas and lagoons, using adequate gathering instruments or by scuba diving.

The described activities are carried out on the basis of extensive experience and knowledge of plant or animal species required, of their habitats and distribution (on a local scale) and of their reproductive cycle, which is updated through information gathering and exploratory surveys. Sampling sites and collection methods are selected so as to ensure high quality standard of products.

Scuba diving activities (related to the installation and maintenance of submerged structures and equipment) are carried out.

In addition, the IRM Unit provides support to activities aimed at the recovery, transportation and release of marine animals.

Services provided

Collection of planktonic organisms (from net or Niskin bottles);

  • Collection of benthic organisms (dredging, coring, well-born, scuba diving);
  • Collection of nektonic organisms;
  • Collection of sediments;
  • Collection of sea water
  • Diving activities (sampling and monitoring, visual census, acquisition of images and movie; installation and maintenance of underwater instrumentation, exploratory surveys).

In order to access the service, internal users have to fill and submit the form via e-mail at the following addresses: fabio.conversano(at)szn.it e francesco.terlizzi(at)szn.it.

The request has to be sent within the Thursday preceding the week in which you want to receive the material. Users are invited to read the guidelines.

External users should contact Dott. Fabio Conversano


Fabio Conversano

Tel. + 39 081 5833357

e-mail: fabio.conversano(at)szn.it

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