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The Department of Research Infrastructures for marine biological resources (RIMAR) provides high technology services and access to infrastructure and research platforms to the national and international scientific community, as well as support third mission activities such as third-party contracts

RIMAR DipartimentoIn parallel, RIMAR conducts applied research and technological development in the field of marine biology and specific fields of its expertise. 

Head of Department
Director General








RIMAR Department is organized in two sections, each one subdivided in four units.

Access to marine ecosystems and environmental analysis Infrastructure for Marine Research (IRM)
Environmental Monitoring & Analysis (MAA)
Technological Implementation & Marine Robotics (ITR)
Technological Platforms Advanced Microscopy Center (CeMA)
Classic and Molecular Taxonomy (Motax)
Molecular Sequencing & Analysis Center (CSAM)
Bioinformatics, Computational Analysis & Data Management (BAC)

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