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The research activities conducted at the SZN require the use of sophisticated technologies and advanced equipment. The SZN has the resources to obtain and process data, to develop specific marine infrastructures and for the maintenance of the organisms used for experimental and scientific research.

Continuous technological and methodological innovation is needed to ensure adequate competitiveness on an international level. For this reason, all laboratories and their equipment are upgraded and developed within the SZN infrastructures.

Given the significance of the investment required beyond the capability of the individual areas and the synergy seen between the research activities conducted by the different laboratories of SZN, the main research instruments are now centralized in order to optimize the use of financial and human resources available.

The instrumentation of SZN have often unique features in the scientific context and are accessible not only to the researchers of the SZN, but to the entire international scientific community, through collaborations and scientific exchanges or through the infrastructure model and access now consolidated, for example, for the ASSEMBLE project that played a preparatory role to the EMBRC project.

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