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An essential part of the mission of a research institution is the education and training of students and young researchers who will become future leaders in scientific and technological research. Since its foundation, the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn is fully committed to provide high-quality advanced courses, life-long education and training for scientists and to promote this activity to a large and international studentship and researchers.

For undergraduates, the Stazione Zoologica hosts either Bachelor and Master students for providing them the opportunity to carry on experimental thesis and highly qualified training internship in different fields of marine and fundamental biology, under the supervision of its scientists.

After completion of the master degree, students may have access to the Doctoral programs. The SZN hosts either an International PhD program in collaboration with the Open University (UK, 3-4 years) and Italian Doctorate collaboration with Italian Universities (3-4 years).

Training and education are also provided through several advanced international workshops and courses organized every year along with a prestigious series of seminars and colloquia of top level scientists invited from all continents.

The scheme of the portfolio of educational and training activities carried out at the SZN is reported in this section. A dedicated Higher Education Office (HEO) provides all information and support to students and scientists interested in these activities. The PhD Steering Committee and PhD Board, together with the Higher Education Office, coordinate and support the PhD training activities.

Last update 28/04/2022

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