CeMAThe Labs of the Advanced Micrsocopy Center (CMA) host at present two spectral confocal microscopies, an epifluorescence microscope equipped with a thermostatic chamber with CO2 control for live cell imaging, a transmission electron microscope two scanning electron microscopes and all the necessary instruments for sample preparation for both the classic chemical fixation and the crio-fixation.
The personnel of the Center is highly specialised, to ensure the correct application of optic and electron microscopy and to give internal and external users scientific consultancy, technical assistance and formation. Moreover, a section dedicated to research, which strictly interacts with the technical personnel, provides the development of new applications and protocols, especially in the field of living cells and organisms.
Microscopes and preparative instruments are accessible to users following one of these ways:
1) independent use (after education);
2) assisted use, with our personnel supervision;
3) as a service, entirely or partially demanded to our personnel, conveniently informed on the goals of the observations and, possibly, assisted by the researcher during the image acquisition (strongly recommended).


Fabio Formiggini PhD
Tel. +39 081 19933100
e-mail: fabioformiggini.szn(at)gmail.com

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