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The section "Access to marine ecosystems and environmental analysis" consists of the Units IRM, IMOM, MAA and ITR, in a multidisciplinarity context created by the interaction between the different units. Thanks to the contribution of the research and infrastructure projects PON PRIMA, PON InSEA, PON PLaCE, and others forthcoming, the Section will be equipped with high technological value instrumentation and multidisciplinary fixed observatories both coastal and deep that are fully part of the European and international context for ecosystem monitoring services, for the preservation of the state of environmental quality, needed for preserving and regenerate natural capital (see e.g. EMSOERIC, EMBRC-ERIC, CLUSTER-BIG). This is in consideration of the fact that marine resources will be in the near future the object of greater use by human activities. The expansion of marine research must interact strongly with the many economic activities that take place at sea and eco-sustainable exploitation of its natural resources. In this scenario the role of the Stazione Zoologica and in particular of the Section for Access to Marine Ecosystems and Environmental Analysis of the RIMAR Department, is preeminent and it will therefore be necessary to focus on technological development thanks to the strong interaction of the connection between Core facilities and Infrastructure for research at sea (IRM), Implementation, Technology & Robotics (ITR) and Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (MAA).


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