ITRCore facility for Technological Implementation & Robotics (ITR) aims to develop prototypes of interest for research, developed on the basis of ideas and requests from the technical and scientific staff of the Zoological Station, within the activities of the Departments and of the Functional Areas, after a feasibility analysis. The unit deals with design through 3D modeling software, rapid prototyping via FDM 3D printer, realization of electronic boards and programming of microcontrollers to manage sensors and actuators, realization of graphical interfaces for prototype management, mechanical processing (drilling, turning , cutting and milling), power lines and lighting technology, as well as selecting and researching suitable materials for the required purpose. It also deals with the management, maintenance and implementation of oceanographic instrumentation in synergy with the Infrastructure for Marine research Unit (IRM).


Federico Corato

Tel. +39 081 5833242
e-mail federico.corato(at)szn.it

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