IRM1Core Facility ‐ Infrastructure for Marine Research (IRM) deals with the provision of services and support for: collection and analysis of environmental data by the management and use of advanced oceanographic instruments; installation, maintenance and inspection of fixed underwater instruments, submerged infrastructures; management of the vessels of the Stazione Zoologica; activities of material collection, visual census and maintenance of underwater instrumentation with the help of underwater Technical Operators (OTS) and underwater Scientific Operators (OSS).The IRM Unit provides research with a high level technical-technological support and produces a portfolio of innovative activities and a continuous development of competencies.IRM2



Meda A 1

MEDA A Bagnoli

Meda B 1

MEDA B Napoli


Augusto Passarelli

Tel. +39 081 5833 603-604
Fax: +39 081 7641355 - +39 081 5833360

e-mail augusto.passarelli(at)szn.it

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