Contribution of marine biology and biotechnology to the "Blue Growth"

Departments involved

"Integrative Marine Ecology" (EMI) – leader
"Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms" (BEOM)
"Research Infrastructure for Marine Biological Resources" (RIMAR)

Marine biology, the discovery of new organisms and the understanding the interactions and adaptations of organisms are part of basic research of this Research Area. This represents the main focus for new discoveries, including the Biotechnological applications (i.e., the application of advanced techniques and innovative knowledge to develop biological products and other factors beneficial to humans). Blue Biotechnologies are increasingly important in Europe and at international level, and will contribute to shape the future of our economies.

Marine biotechnology is also central in the objectives of Horizon 2020. 

This SZN Programme covers different research areas and is implemented through the execution of the following objectives:

Objective 1. Marine Biodiversity: ecology of marine organisms and identification of species of biotechnological interest
Objective 2. Potential of marine biotechnology in the pharmaceutical field
Objective 3. Potential biotechnology of marine organisms in the field nutraceutical, cosmetic and environmental products.

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