Biologia Molecolare e dello SviluppoThe Centrifugation and Ultracentrifugation platform is equipped with various instruments which allow centrifugation at different speeds (up to 90000 rpm in the case of Ultracentrifugation), with fixed angle or swinging bucket rotors, at controlled temperature.

AmorosoManager: Alessandro Amoroso

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Extension #345





Bookable Equipment
Room #246
- Concentrator EPPENDORF 5301
- Refrigerate Centrifuge 15/50mL EPPENDORF 5810R
- Refrigerate Centrifuge EPPENDORF 5430R
- Incubator Shaker INNOVA 4
- Ultracentrifuge BECKMAN Optima XL 100K
- Centrifuge BECKMAN AvantiJ25
- Centrifuge BECKMAN J2 MC

Stanza 246









Second Floor Room #246 and landing

Centrifugazione e ultrac mappa















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