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The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn – national public research institute belonging to the Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca - will be celebrating in 2022 its 150th anniversary of its foundation. The Stazione Zoologica is the oldest marine research institute in the world, as well as the oldest Italian research institute, a unique heritage of knowledge, shining with Italian competence and research in the world.

The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn was founded in Napoli in 1872 through the vision of the German scientist Anton Dohrn, inspired by Charles Darwin to show scientific evidences of the evolutionary theory. More than 20 Nobel laureates have worked and studied in its halls since the foundation, providing the institute with an international reputation.

Here, Italian and foreign researchers collaborate to develop excellence in research for the present and future of the sea. THe SZN has recently been included among the 10 best institutios in the world in the field of Marine Biology. This is a great acknowledgment for the whole Italian research estabilishment, that has in the marine sector one of its strong points, able to rival with the most prestigious international institutions in the USA, France, Germany, and Australia.

And given the relevance that seas and oceans for the whole humanity, United Nations dedicated the next decade, 2021-2030, to Ocean Research for a susteinable development. Just think about the importance of fishing, or renewable energy sources such as the wind, waves, currents, and offshore solar power, that require researches to make them fully eco-compatible.

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A Ph.D. fellowship is available to carry out interdisciplinary training in Biological Sciences at the Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' Naples Italy.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified postgraduate candidates (see details).

The closing date for applications is September 2nd 2022 h. 12.00 (CET)


Published on July 15th 2022

150 Years of Science at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Valuing the Past to Plan the Future

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn – Darwin-Dohrn Museum

July 6-7, 2022


La Stazione Zoologia in collaborazione con il Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, dell’Ambiente e della Vita dell'Università degli Studi di Genova partecipa al XXXVIII ciclo di dottorato di ricerca in Scienze e Tecnologie del Mare - curriculum Scienze dell'ecosistema marino, con i progetti:

- Biotechnological exploitation of marine sponges: innovative technologies for an environmentally‐friendly approach (Acronym:BIOSPONFRI)
- The PLAnkton trophic network as an indicator for the Good Environmental Status (PLAGES)

Il bando per il concorso di ammissione al XXXVI ciclo di dottorato è disponibile al seguente link https://unige.it/studenti/dottorati-di-ricerca.

Ph.D. fellowships are available to carry out interdisciplinary training in Biological Sciences at the Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' Naples Italy.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified postgraduate candidates (see details).

The closing date for applications is June 8th 2022 h. 12.00


Updated on July 13th, 2022

Greetings from the International Summer School on “The Evolution of Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways: analysis, understanding and implications for biotechnology”

We would like to introduce the upcoming 2nd edition of the International Summer School on Protein Evolution (SSPE 2022) to be held at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn from June 28th to 30th 2022 in the charming city of Naples.

Please take a look at the preliminary program:

This course is designed for PhD students and early-career researchers aiming at acquiring an interdisciplinary understanding of concepts and methods for the investigations of enzyme and metabolic pathways evolution, with insights into environmental adaptations and their potential biotechnological applications.

Admission to the course will be evaluated by the scientific committee based on preliminary knowledge of applicants and the number of participants will be limited to 25.

The course program integrates theoretical lectures with hands-on practical tutorials on function and evolution of enzymes and metabolic pathways, including their optimization for biotechnological purposes, providing examples of usage of public databases and software, as well as high-throughput analyses. Participants are particularly encouraged to work on their own laptop.

Attending the SSPE at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, you will have the benefit of enjoying an exciting experience in a highly stimulating research environment, of visiting the new Aquarium and the DaDoM museum in one of the most inspiring cities in the world.

Detailed information on the program of our course and online registration form for the SSPE 2022 are available at the following link:


Looking forward to having you as our guest, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need any further assistance.

The SSPE 2022 Scientific Committee

Seventeenth Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences  - Ischia 2022: Living Relations - 26 June – 3 July 2022


Applications should include:
1. a statement specifying academic experience and interest in the course topic (max. 300 words),
2. a brief cv,
3. a letter of recommendation.

Application timetable:
1 April 2022
Deadline for applications – applications must have been received by Midnight CET,

14 April 2022
Students notified of application outcome,

27 May 2022
Registration fees and/or registration forms due.

Application procedure

Applications have to be sent by email to the following address: administrator(at)ischiasummerschool.org

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