Public competition based on evaluation of titles and qualifications, exams and interview for the recruitment of a Researcher (permanent position) - III professional level, in the field of Marine Biotechnology for the study of the use of molecules or biological processes of industrial interest, with experience in the field of biotechnological techniques either in the field of molecular biology and marine biochemistry; identification and isolation of molecules of nutraceutical and/or pharmaceutical and/or cosmeceutical interest and/or of biomaterials of marine origin and their use. The candidate must possess the knowledge of advanced methodologies and competences allowing the development and the transferability of the acquired know-how.

Estratto di bando su G.U. IV serie speciale n. 72 del 11/09/2018 (in Italian)

Deadline, October 11, 2018

Scorrimento graduatoria (Pubblicato il 18.11.2019)

Determina approvazione graduatoria e nomina vincitore (pubblicato il 4.4.2019)


Diario Prove Scritte

CV Antonio Dell'Anno

CV Donatella de Pascale

CV Luigi Palmieri

Determina Nomina Commissione

Call for Selection

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