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Danilo FotoTechnician

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Sicily Marine Centre
Villa Pace - C.da Porticatello 29, 98167 Messina – Italia

Tel. 081 5833723
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contatto Skype: danilo.malara


Curriculum vitae
Danilo Malara - Google Scholar

Short CV

Technical collaborator with over 15 years of experience in scientific research at research institutions, specializing in trophic ecology, telemetry, and fisheries. Ph.D. in Aquaculture from James Cook University (Australia). Experience in designing and conducting experiments, data analysis, and publication of scientific results in international journals. Strong passion for marine conservation and sustainable use of ocean resources.


Research Support:
• Delegated supervisor of underwater activities: Supervision and coordination of underwater activities, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations.
• Technical support for underwater activities: Conducting visual censuses of fish fauna, monitoring Posidonia oceanica and Pinna nobilis, collecting data and samples.
• Technical and logistical support: Setting up laboratories, preparing equipment and materials for research activities.
• Technical support for sea sampling: Participation in sampling campaigns on board various vessels, using specific equipment for data and sample collection of fishery dependent and independent data.
• Technical support for sampling with invasive and non-invasive tools: Use of fishing gear (longline, trawl, etc.), satellite tag deployment, and non-invasive techniques (eDNA, BRUVs, etc.) for data and sample collection.
• Technical support in the laboratory: Dissection of fish and cephalopods, collection of biological samples for genetic, histological, and biochemical analyses.
• Technical support for data analysis: Processing and analysis of data from various research projects, with a particular focus on trophic ecology, microplastics, movement ecology, and life history.

Administrative Support:
• Procurement: Researching and evaluating suppliers for the purchase of consumables and equipment, negotiating prices and conditions.
• Committee Secretary: Participating in committees for the recruitment of personnel at the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station, drafting minutes and documents.
• Inventory and Equipment Management: Cataloging and maintaining laboratory equipment, drafting technical data sheets and user manuals.

Selected Publications

Sono autore e co-autore di 35 pubblicazioni scientifiche, di cui 21 pubblicate su riviste internazionali peer-reviewed. Di seguito i miei lavori più recenti e significativi:

• Consoli Pierpaolo, Costa Valentina, Sciutteri Valentina, Malara Danilo, Pedà Cristina, Figurella Fabio, Campbell Ian, Deery Emily, Romeo Teresa, Andaloro Franco. (2024). Synthetic polymers: a global threat to aquatic benthic environment. Jornal of Hazardous Materials (under review) (IF = 13.6, Q1).

• Malara Danilo*, Battaglia Pietro, Arostegui Martin C., Braun Camrin, Dale Jonathan, Block Barbara, Brogna Massimo, Greco Silvestro, Romeo Teresa. (2024) Satellite tagging insights into the seasonal movements and behavior of Mediterranean spearfish (Tetrapturus belone, Istiophoridae). Frontiers in Marine Science. 11:1362169. (IF = 3.7; Q1) (DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2024.1362169)

• Sciutteri Valentina, Costa Valentina, Malara Danilo, Figurella F., Campbell Ian, Deery E., Romeo Teresa, Andaloro Franco, Consoli Pierpaolo. (2024). Citizen science through a recreational underwater diving project supports the collection of large-scale marine litter data: The Oceania case study. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 200: 116133. (IF = 5.8; Q1) (DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2024.116133)

• Longo Francesco*, Malara Danilo*, Asciutto Emanuele, Battaglia Pietro. (2023). Growth of the Mesopelagic Fish Vinciguerria attenuata (Cocco, 1838) in the Strait of Messina (Central Mediterranean Sea). Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 11, 1055. (IF = 2.744; Q2) *Same contribution (DOI:10.3390/jmse11051055)

• Battaglia Pietro, Pedà Cristina, Malara Danilo, Milisenda Giacomo, MacKenzie Brian R., Esposito Valentina, Consoli Pierpaolo, Vicchio Teresa Manuela, Stipa Maria Giulia, Pagano Luca, Longo Francesco, Romeo Teresa (2022). Importance of the Lunar Cycle on Mesopelagic Foraging by Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in the Upwelling Area of the Strait of Messina (Central Mediterranean Sea). Animals 12(17): 2261. (IF=3.231; Q1). (DOI: 10.3390/ani12172261)

Cristina Pedà, Pietro Battaglia, Teresa Romeo, Maria Giulia Stipa, Francesco Longo, Danilo Malara, Pierpaolo Consoli, Franco Andaloro. Photographic atlas of cephalopod beaks from the Mediterranean Sea. Officine grafiche F. Giannini & figli S.P.A. pp. 107 (ISBN 9791259686381).

Conference paper and posters

10. Malara D, Arcadi E, Battaglia P, Consoli P, Andaloro F and Romeo T. 2019. Shark attacks: competitors to large pelagic predators in the Strait of Messina (central Mediterranean Sea). In XXIII European Elasmobranch Association Meeting. Rende (Italy). 16-18 October 2019.
11. Malara D, Battaglia P, Arcadi E, Consoli P, Andaloro F and Romeo T.. 2019. Status and distribution of Mediterranean spearfish (Tetrapturus belone) in Mediterranean Sea. Blue Sea Land, Mazzara del Vallo (Italy). 17-19 October 2019.
12. Malara D, Battaglia P, Arcadi E, Consoli P, Andaloro F and Romeo T. 2019. Billfish of the Mediterranean Sea. Blue Sea Land, Mazzara del Vallo (Italy) 17-19 October 2019.
13. Malara D, Battaglia P and Romeo T. Ecological, historical and cultural aspect of the Sicilian artisanal fisheries: developing opportunity for fishing tourism. Pescaturismo e fruizione del mare. Opportunità di sviluppo per l’area dello Stretto. University of Messina, workshop 26 September 2019.
14. Malara D, Oelgemöller M, Heimann K and Høj L. 2016. Prawn pathogen inactivation using porphyrin-based Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemo-Therapy (PACT). Sharing Ocean Resources: Now and in the future. NZMSS-AMSA 2016 Conference Wellington (NZ), 4-7 July 2016
15. Malara D, Citarrella G, Oelgemöller M, Heimann K and Høj L. 2016. Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemo-Therapy: a promising tool for aquaculture pathogen eradication. North Queensland Festival of Life Science. James Cook University (CSE poster prize)
16. Malara D, Hoj L, Oelgemöller M and Heimann K. 2014. Porphyrins as self-destructive photo-catalysts. AIMS@JCU Student Day (2nd prize)
17. Pedà C, Malara D, Battaglia P, Perzia P, Andaloro F and Romeo T. 2009. Cephalopods in the diet of large pelagic predators: beaks identification and photo archive reference reconstruction. Mediterranean Marine Biology 16 (1): 354-355.

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