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marino ritaTechnologist
Section BEOM

Tel. +39 081 5833429
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail rita.marino(at)szn.it

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Research interests

Tunicate immunity

Journal Papers

Crocetta F,  Marino R, Cirino P, Macina A, Staiano L, Esposito R, Pezzotti MR, Racioppi C, Toscano F, De Felice E, Locascio A, Ristoratore F, Spagnuolo A, Zanetti L, Branno M, Sordino P. (2015). Mutation studies in ascidians: a review. Genesis, Jan; 53(1):160-9

Affinito O, Andreakis N, Caputi L, Marino R, Pannone R, Sordino P, Procaccini G. (2014). High connectivity and directional gene flow in European Atlantic and Mediterranean populations of Ciona intestinalis sp. A. Marine ecology, Article first published online: 28 NOV 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/maec.12226

De Felice B, Annunziata A, Fiorentino G, Manfellotto F, D’Alessandro R, Marino R, Borra M, Biffali E. (2014). Telomerase expression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL) patients. J Hum Genet. Oct;59(10):555-61

Balato A, Lembo S, Mattii M, Schiattarella M, Marino R, De Paulis A, Balato A. (2012). IL-33 is secreted by psoriatic keratinocytes and induces pro-inflamation cytokines via keratinocyte and mast cell activation. Exp Dermatol. Nov; 21(11): 892-4. Erratum in: Exp Dermatol. 2012 Dec; 21(12):977

Zucchetti I, Marino R, Pinto MR, Lambris JD, Du Pasquier L, De Santis R. (2008). ciCD94-1, an ascidian an ascidian multipurpose C-type lectin-like receptor expressed in Ciona intestinalis hemocytes and larval neural structures. Differentiation, Mar; 76(3):267-82

Lolicato F, Marino R, Paronetto MP, Pellegrini M, Dolci S, Geremia R, Grimaldi P. (2008). Potential role of Nanos3 in mantaining the undifferentiated spermatonia. Dev Biol., Jan 15;313(2):725-38

Marino R, Melillo D, Di Filippo M, Yamada A, Pinto MR, De Santis R, Brown ER, Matassi G. (2007). Ammonium channel expression is essential for brain development and function in the larva of Ciona intestinalis. J Comp Neurol., Jul 1; 503(1):135-47

Melillo D, Sfyroera G, De Santis R, Graziano R, Marino R, Lambris JD, Pinto MR. (2006). First identification of a chemotactic receptor in an invertebrate species: structural functional characterization of Ciona intestinalis C3a receptor. J Immunol., Sep 15; 177(6):4132-40

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