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The mission of the Marine Biotechnology Department is to conduct and promote scientific research regarding the possible applications of marine natural products in the biomedical and environmental sectors.
We mainly focus on microalgal products and on the optimization of the production of bioactive compounds by changing growth parameters such as the quality of light and concentration of nutrients. We are interested in the characterization of the biological activity of extracts, fractions and pure compounds isolated from microalgae and other marine organisms, through advanced screening platforms that allow the prediction of the type of pharmacological, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical activity of compounds.

We also focus on the isolation and characterization of marine microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, which are able to resist and degrade pollutants such as heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. BiorBB3emediation and bioaugmentation studies are aimed at validating new technologies for the recovery of marine polluted coastal areas. New and innovative approaches are being developed for the restoration of such sites using seagrasses and corals.

Our shared expertise covers such fields as ecology, chemical ecology, physiology, genomics and transcriptomics, chemistry and biochemistry, and cell biology that drive technology and knowledge transfer for industrial applications of marine natural products.

Available platforms include:
• BlueBiomass Platform for the isolation and maintenance and mass cultivation of microalgae and other marine organisms for potential biotechnological applications.
• BlueBioChem Platform for the extraction and fractionation of bioactive marine organisms
• BlueOmics Platform for genome mining of new enzymes and biosynthetic pathways
• BlueCell Platform to test the biological activity of extracts, fractions and pure compounds on marine model species and human cell lines.
• BlueMicrobe Platform for testing antibacterial activity of marine organisms.
• BlueEnvironment Platform for the bioremediation and restoration of polluted marine sites

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