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Ciannelli LorenzoResearch Director
Integrative Marine Ecology Department

Tel.: +39 324 6286449
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail: lorenzo.ciannelli(at)szn.it
Skype: lorenzo.ciannelli

Curriculum Vitae

Reserch Interests

I was born and raised on the island of Ischia, in the Bay of Napoli (Italy). I have worked as a professor and researcher at Oregon State University since 2007. My main research interest is in fisheries oceanography, which is the study of how ocean physical, and biogeochemical processes affecting fish populations and communities. Much of my work focuses on fish eggs, larvae, and juvenile stages. In recent years, I have been involved in the development and implementation of transdisciplinary research and educational programs among students and researchers from different disciplinary and personal backgrounds. These efforts have led to my involvement in new research projects with natural, quantitative, and social scientists, and to new curriculum development on collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Selected Publications

Ciannelli L, Neuheimer AB, Stige LC, Frank KT, Durant JM, Hunsicker M, Rogers LA, Porter S, Ottersen G, Yaragina NA (2021) Ontogenetic spatial constraints of sub-arctic marine fish species. Fish and Fisheries (In press)

Ciannelli L, Tolkova I, Lauth R, Puerta P, Helser T, Gitelman A, Thompson G (2020) Spatial, interannual, and generational sources of trait variability in a marine population. Ecology 101(1)

Ciannelli L, Bailey K, Olsen EM. (2015) Ecological and evolutionary constraints of fish spawning habitats. ICES Journal of Marine Science 72(2), 285–296
Ciannelli L, Hunsicker M, Beaudreau A, Bailey K, Crowder L, Finley C, Webb C, Reynolds J, Sagmiller K, Anderies JM, Hawthorne D, Parrish J, Heppell S, Conway F, Chigbu P (2014) Transdisciplinary graduate education in marine resource science and management. ICES Journal of Marine Science 71(5): 1047-1051

Ciannelli L, Fisher JAD, Skern-Mauritzen M, Hunsicker ME, Hidalgo M, Frank KT, Bailey KM. (2013) Theory, consequences and evidence of eroding population spatial structure in harvested marine fishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series 480: 227-243

Ciannelli L, Knutsen H, Moland E, Espeland SH, Asplin L, Jelmert A, Knutsen JA, Stenseth NC (2010) Small-scale genetic structure in a marine population in relation to water circulation and egg characteristics. Ecology 91(10): 2918-2930

Ciannelli L, Fauchald P, Chan KS, Agostini VN, Dingsør GE. (2008) Spatial fisheries ecology: recent progress and future prospects. Journal of Marine Systems. 71: 223–236

Ciannelli L, Bailey K, Chan KS, Stenseth NC (2007) Phenological and geographical patterns of walleye pollock spawning in the Gulf of Alaska. Canadian Journal of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences 64:713-722

Ciannelli L, Dingsør G, Bogstad B, Ottersen G, Chan KS, Gjøsæter H, Stiansen JE, Stenseth NC. (2007) Spatial anatomy of species survival rates: effects of predation and climate-driven environmental variability. Ecology 88: 635-646

Ciannelli L., Chan K.S., Bailey K.M., and N.C. Stenseth. (2004) Nonadditive effects of the environment on the survival of a large marine fish population. Ecology 85(12): 3418-3427

Book chapters

Conway F, Ciannelli L (In press). Wild capture of fisheries: Processes, Technology, and Solutions. In Ocean and Society: An Introduction to Marine Studies, edited by Ana K. Spalding and Daniel O. Suman. Taylor & Francis/Routledge), 711 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Brander K, Botsford L, Ciannelli L, Fogarty M, Heath M, Planque B, Shannon L, Wieland K (2010) Human impacts on marine ecosystems. In: Barange M, Field JG, Harris RP, Hofmann EE, Perry IR, Werner F (Eds) ‘Marine ecosystems and global change’. Oxford, Biology

Ciannelli L., Hjermann D.Ø., Lehodey P., Ottersen G., Duffy-Anderson J.T. and N.C. Stenseth. (2005) Climate forcing, food web structure and community dynamics in pelagic marine ecosystems. Invited chapter in: ‘Aquatic Food Webs: an ecosystem approach’. Belgrano A., Scharler U., Dunne J., and R. Ulanowicz (Editors). Oxford University Press. Pp 143-169

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