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Paolo AlbanoSenior Scientist
Department of Marine Animal Conservation and Public Engagement

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Napoli - Italia

E-mail: paolo.albano(at)szn.it

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

I explore marine biodiversity over multiple spatial and temporal scales, with a special interest in the drivers of its demise. I am particularly interested in extending our observation ability back in time, using the concepts and techniques of historical ecology and conservation paleobiology. I focus my research on the Mediterranean Sea that hosts a high and often endemic biodiversity and is under threat of climate warming, biological invasions, habitat modification and resource exploitation. It thus a perfect natural laboratory to determine the processes of biodiversity loss in the marine realm. I also conduct taxonomic research on marine molluscs with an integrative approach and I value research on museum material and type specimens.

Selected Publications

Bakker P.A.J. & Albano P.G., 2022. Nomenclator, geographic and stratigraphic distribution of the family Triphoridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Zootaxa 5088 (1): 1–216. link

Steger J., Bošnjak M., Belmaker J., Galil B.S., Zuschin M., Albano P.G., 2021. Non-indigenous molluscs in the Eastern Mediterranean have distinct traits and cannot replace historic ecosystem functioning. Global Ecology and Biogeography 31 (1): 89-102. link

Albano PG, Steger J, Bošnjak M, Dunne B, Guifarro Z, Turapova E, Hua Q, Kaufman DS, Rilov G, Zuschin M (2021) Native biodiversity collapse in the Eastern Mediterranean. Proc Royal Soc B, 288: 20202469 link

Tomašových A, Albano PG, Fuksi T, Gallmetzer I, Haselmair A, Kowalewski M, Nawrot R, Nerlović V, Scarponi D, Zuschin M (2021) Ecological regime shift preserved in the Anthropocene stratigraphic record. Proc Royal Soc B 287: 2020069 link

Albano PG, Hua Q, Kaufman DS, Tomašových A, Zuschin M, Agiadi K (2020) Radiocarbon dating supports bivalve-otolith age coupling along a bathymetric gradient in high-resolution paleoenvironmental studies. Geology 48: 589-593 link

Albano PG, Gallmetzer I, Haselmair A, Tomašových A, Stachowitsch M, Zuschin M (2018) Historical ecology of a biological invasion: the interplay of eutrophication and pollution determines time lags in establishment and detection. Biol Invasions 20 (6), 1417-1430 link

Nawrot R, Albano PG, Chattopadhyay D, Zuschin M (2017) Climate change and body size shift in Mediterranean bivalve assemblages: Unexpected role of biological invasions. Proc Royal Soc B 284: 20170357 link

Evangelisti F, Bellucci A, Sabelli B, Albano PG (2017) The periwinkle Echinolittorina punctata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) tracked the warming of the Mediterranean Sea following the Last Glacial Maximum. Mar Biol 164(2): 1-15 link

Albano PG, Sabelli B, Bouchet P (2011) The challenge of small and rare species in marine biodiversity surveys: microgastropod diversity in a complex tropical coastal environment. Biodivers Conserv 20: 3223–3237 link

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