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Paolo AlbanoSenior Scientist
Department of Marine Animal Conservation and Public Engagement

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Napoli - Italia

E-mail: paolo.albano(at)szn.it
Albano research group


Research Interests

I explore marine biodiversity over multiple spatial and temporal scales, with a special interest in the drivers of its demise. I am particularly interested in extending our observation ability back in time, using the concepts and techniques of historical ecology and conservation paleobiology. I focus my research on the Mediterranean Sea that hosts a high and often endemic biodiversity and is under threat of climate warming, biological invasions, habitat modification and resource exploitation. It thus a perfect natural laboratory to determine the processes of biodiversity loss in the marine realm. I also conduct taxonomic research on marine molluscs with an integrative approach and I value research on museum material and type specimens.

Selected Publications

Steger J., Bogi C., Lubinevsky H., Galil B.S., Zuschin M., Albano P.G., 2024. Ecological baselines in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea shifted long before the availability of observational time series. Global Change Biol 30 (4): e17272 link

Albano P.G., Schultz L., Wessely J., Taviani M., Dullinger S., Danise S., 2024. The dawn of the tropical Atlantic invasion in the Mediterranean Sea. PNAS 121 (15): e2320687121 link

Schultz L., Wessely J., Dullinger S., Albano P.G., 2023. The climate crisis affects Mediterranean marine molluscs of conservation concern. Divers Distrib 30 (3): e13805 link

Gallagher K. & Albano P.G., 2023. Range contractions, fragmentation, species extirpations and extinctions of commercially valuable molluscs in the Mediterranean Sea – a climate warming hotspot. ICES J Mar Sci 80 (5): 1382–1398 link

Albano P.G., Sabbatini A., Lattanzio J., Päßler J.-P., Steger J., Hua Q., Kaufman D.S., Szidat S., Zuschin M., Negri A., 2022. Alleged Lessepsian foraminifera prove native and suggest Pleistocene range expansions into the Mediterranean Sea. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 700: 65–78. link

Bakker P.A.J. & Albano P.G., 2022. Nomenclator, geographic and stratigraphic distribution of the family Triphoridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Zootaxa 5088 (1): 1–216. link

Steger J., Bošnjak M., Belmaker J., Galil B.S., Zuschin M., Albano P.G., 2021. Non-indigenous molluscs in the Eastern Mediterranean have distinct traits and cannot replace historic ecosystem functioning. Global Ecol Biogeogr. 31 (1): 89-102. link

Albano PG, Steger J, Bošnjak M, Dunne B, Guifarro Z, Turapova E, Hua Q, Kaufman DS, Rilov G, Zuschin M (2021) Native biodiversity collapse in the Eastern Mediterranean. Proc Royal Soc B, 288: 20202469 link

Tomašových A, Albano PG, Fuksi T, Gallmetzer I, Haselmair A, Kowalewski M, Nawrot R, Nerlović V, Scarponi D, Zuschin M (2021) Ecological regime shift preserved in the Anthropocene stratigraphic record. Proc Royal Soc B 287: 2020069 link

Albano PG, Gallmetzer I, Haselmair A, Tomašových A, Stachowitsch M, Zuschin M (2018) Historical ecology of a biological invasion: the interplay of eutrophication and pollution determines time lags in establishment and detection. Biol Invasions 20 (6), 1417-1430 link

Nawrot R, Albano PG, Chattopadhyay D, Zuschin M (2017) Climate change and body size shift in Mediterranean bivalve assemblages: Unexpected role of biological invasions. Proc Royal Soc B 284: 20170357 link

Albano PG, Sabelli B, Bouchet P (2011) The challenge of small and rare species in marine biodiversity surveys: microgastropod diversity in a complex tropical coastal environment. Biodivers Conserv 20: 3223–3237 link

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