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Integrative Marine Ecology Department

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo (Complesso Roosevelt)
90142 Palermo - Italia
Tel.: +39 3892307732
E-mail: mariacristina.mangano(at)szn.it
Contatto Skype: Cristina Mangano

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

As a marine ecologist, I’m strongly interested and oriented on the study of ecological responses, with the final aim to understand the effects of drivers of change - both natural and human - on the ecosystems, as for example the exploitation of marine resources (e.g. fisheries and aquaculture) specifically under a context of global change (e.g. climate change). I’m mostly fascinated by the study of drivers driven patterns (measured at both species level - biological traits - and community level - taxonomic and functional diversity) focusing on the disentangling of mechanisms and processes of propagation along the ecological hierarchy. My final interest is to develop sustainable solutions to inform a proactive, adaptive and dynamic management based on the Integrated Ecosystem Approach (IEA) and on scientific evidence (evidence-based management). To inform evidence-based management and conservation measures I mostly deploy synthesis tools (e.g. systematic review) to produce knowledge baselines, crucial to build a solid, salient and rigorous dialogue among stakeholders, the so called “science-stakeholder-policy nexus”. I believe on the importance to engage with stakeholders on the management of marine resources (bottom-up approach) as first step to keep it effective and to understand the socio-ecological systems (recently approached through specific data collection and analysis tools, both quantitative and qualitative).

Selected Publications

Bellino, A., Mangano, M. C., Baldantoni, D., Russell, B. D., Mannino, A. M., Mazzola, A., ... & Sarà, G. (2019). Seasonal patterns of biodiversity in Mediterranean coastal lagoons. Diversity and Distributions.

Mangano, M. C., Ape, F., & Mirto, S. (2019). The role of two non-indigenous serpulid tube worms in shaping artificial hard substrata communities: case study of a fish farm in the central Mediterranean Sea. Aquaculture Environment Interactions, 11, 41-51.

Mieszkowska, N., Benedetti-Cecchi, L., Burrows, M. T., Mangano, M. C., Queirós, A., Seuront, L., & Sarà, G. (2019). Multinational, integrated approaches to forecasting and managing the impacts of climate change on intertidal species. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 613, 247-252.

Sarà, G., Gouhier, T. C., Brigolin, D., Porporato, E. M., Mangano, M. C., Mirto, S., ... & Pastres, R. (2018). Predicting shifting sustainability trade‐offs in marine finfish aquaculture under climate change. Global change biology, 24(8), 3654-3665.

Martinez, M., Mangano, M. C., Maricchiolo, G., Genovese, L., Mazzola, A., & Sarà, G. (2018). Measuring the effects of temperature rise on Mediterranean shellfish aquaculture. Ecological indicators, 88, 71-78.

Sarà, G., Porporato, E. M., Mangano, M. C., & Mieszkowska, N. (2018). Multiple stressors facilitate the spread of a non‐indigenous bivalve in the Mediterranean Sea. Journal of biogeography, 45(5), 1090-1103.

Mangano, M. C., Sarà, G., & Corsolini, S. (2017). Monitoring of persistent organic pollutants in the polar regions: knowledge gaps & gluts through evidence mapping. Chemosphere, 172, 37-45.

Mangano, M. C., Bottari, T., Caridi, F., Porporato, E. M. D., Rinelli, P., Spanò, N., ... & Sarà, G. (2017). The effectiveness of fish feeding behaviour in mirroring trawling-induced patterns. Marine environmental research, 131, 195-204.

Mangano, M. C., & Sarà, G. (2017). Collating science-based evidence to inform public opinion on the environmental effects of marine drilling platforms in the Mediterranean Sea. Journal of environmental management, 188, 195-202.

Mangano, M. C., Kaiser, M. J., Porporato, E. M., & Spanò, N. (2013). Evidence of trawl disturbance on mega-epibenthic communities in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 475, 101-117.

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