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CampesePhD student
Integrative Marine Ecology Department

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Naples - Italy

Tel.: +39 081 5833329
E-mail: lucia.campese(at)szn.it; lu.campese1(at)gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Director of Studies: Daniele Iudicone
External Supervisor: Olivier Jaillon
Program: Open University, XIX cycle

Research Interests

Given the renowed importance of diatoms in marine ecosystems, it is crucial that research addresses their capabilities to adapt to changing environments by assessing their level of endemicity. Ocean response to the current anthropogenic global change is in fact expected to depend on the degree of acclimation capacities and evolvability of the species (the latter depending on the degree of isolation) as well as on the structure of the ecosystem (structural plasticity), tightly related to its connectivity to the adjacent ones.
The main aim of my PhD project is to bring together expertise in theoretical ecology, genomics and oceanography to explore the role of physical connectivity between oceanic regions in diatom ecology and evolution and to investigate the contribution of plasticity, adaptation, microevolution, speciation and collective processes in this globally relevant unicellular group. The main focus will be on regions of high productivity (upwelling zones) and high latitudes (the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean), with metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data provided by the Tara Oceans and the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expeditions.

Journal Papers

Scopece, G., Campese, L., Duffy, K. J., & Cozzolino, S. (2018). The relative contribution of diurnal and nocturnal pollinators to plant female fitness in a specialized nursery pollination system. AoB PLANTS.

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