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scalco eleonoraTechnician
Research Infrastructures for marine biological resources Department
Motax Core Facility

Tel. +39 081 5833296
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail eleonora.scalco(at)szn.it

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

My field of interest includes the taxonomy, biology, ecology and physiology of marine phytoplankton. My tasks include: physiological experiments and identification at the species level of phytoplankton natural samples using light and electron microscopy, as well as cultivation, staining and immuno-fluorescence techniques.
During my postdoc I studied the biodiversity and spatial distribution of marine microalgae, through the analysis of phytoplankton samples collected during the Tara Ocean’s expedition (http://oceans.taraexpeditions.org/en/) and in the course of cruises along the Campania Region coasts. I performed physiology experiment during my Ph.D. in order to study the link between sexual events and vegetative growth and testing the presence of chemical cues for gametogenesis in the marine planktonic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata.

Selected Publications

Rossi R, Scalco E, Zingone A, Soprano V. (2010). New palytoxin-like molecules in Mediterranean Ostreopsis cf. ovata (Dinoflagellates) and in Palythoa tuberculosa detected by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Toxicon, 56: 1381 - 1387.

Scalco E, Brunet C, Marino F, Rossi R, Soprano V, Zingone A, Montresor M. (2012). Growth and toxicity responses of Ostreopsis cf. ovata to seasonal irradiance and temperature conditions. Harmful Algae 17: 25-34.

Fuchs N, Scalco E, Kooistra WHCF, Assmy P, Montresor M. (2013). Genetic characterization and life cycle of the diatom Fragilariopsis kerguelensis. Eur. J Phycol., 48: 411–426.

Escalera L, Benvenuto G, Scalco E, Zingone A, Montresor M. (2014). Ultrastructural Features of the Benthic Dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. ovata (Dinophyceae). Protist, 165: 260-274.

Scalco E, Stec KF, Iudicone D, Ferrante MI, Montresor M. (2014). The dynamics of sexual phase in the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata (Bacillariophyceae). J Phycol., 50: 817–828.

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Malviya S., Scalco E., Audic S., Vincent F., Veluchamy A., Poulain J., Wincker P., Iudicone D., de Vargas C., Bittner L., Zingone A., Bowler C. – Insights into global diatom distribution and diversity in the world’s ocean. PNAS (2016) 113(11): 1516–1525.

Scalco E., Amato A., Ferrante M. I., Montresor M. – The sexual phase of the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata: cytological and time-lapse cinematography characterization. Protoplasma (2016), 253(6): 1421-1431.

Vincent F. J., Colin S., Romac S., Scalco E., Bittner L., Garcia Y., Lopes R., M., Dolan J. R., Zingone A., de Vargas C., Bowler C. – The epibiotic life of the cosmopolitan diatom Fragilariopsis doliolus on heterotrophic ciliates in the open ocean. The ISME Journal (2018), 12: 1094–1108.

Caputi, L., Carradec, Q., Eveillard, D., Kirilovsky, A., Pelletier, E., Pierella karlusich, J., Vieira F.R. J., Villar E., Chaffron S., Malviya S., Scalco E., et al. (2019). Community‐evel responses to iron availability in open ocean planktonic ecosystems. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 33. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018GB006022

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