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Integrative Marine Ecology Department

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Napoli - Italia

Tel.: +39 081 5833656
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Curriculum Vitae

Appointed on project: Marine Plan

Research Interests

I am interested in investigating species’ spatial distribution, abundance trends, and fisheries sciences questions to promote management and conservation. My research mainly focuses on rare and elusive species, such as sharks and their relatives, as well as other data-poor species.
My work spans different aspects of both ecological and conservation sciences: from the investigation of different approaches to determine fish population baselines to the implementation of modeling strategies able to harmonize different data sources. I am also interested in investigating the spatial patterns of large pelagic species using multiple sampling strategies (i.e., eDNA, BRUVS, satellite tags).

Selected Publications

Jenrette FJ, Jenrette LJ, Kobun Truelove N, Moro S, Dunn NI, Chapple, TK, Gallagher, AJ, Gambardella C, Schallert R, Shea BD, Curnick DJ, Block BA, Ferretti F. (2023). Detecting Mediterranean white sharks with environmental DNA. In Frontiers in Ocean Observing: Emerging Technologies for Understanding and Managing a Changing Ocean. Kappel ES., Cullen V, Costello MJ, Galgani L, Gordó-Vilaseca C, Govindarajan A, Kouhi S, Lavin C, McCartin L, Müller JD, Pirenne B, Tanhua T, Zhao Q, Zhao S. Oceanography, 36(Supplement 1): 87-89, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2023.s1.28

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Pace DS, Panunzi G, Arcangeli A, Moro S, Jona-Lasinio G, Martino S. (2022). Seasonal diversity of an opportunistic apex predator (Tursiops truncatus) in marine coastal habitat of the Western Mediterranean Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science 9:939692. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.939692

Bargnesi F, Moro S, Leone A, Giovos I, Ferretti F. (2022). New technologies can support data collection on endangered shark species in the Mediterranean Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 689: 57-76

Martino S, Pace DS, Moro S, Casoli E, Ventura D, Frachea A, Silvestri M, Arcangeli A, Giacomini C, Ardizzone G, Jona-Lasinio G. (2021). Integration of presence-only data from several sources. A case study on dolphins’ spatial distribution. Ecography, 44:1533-1543, https://doi.org/10.1111/ecog.05843

Serena F, Abella AJ, Bargnesi F, Barone M, Colloca F, Ferretti F, Fiorentino F, Jenrette FJ, Moro, S. (2020). Species diversity, taxonomy and distribution of Chondrichthyes in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The European Zoological Journal, 87(1):497-536.

Mancusi C, Baino R, Fortuna C, De Sola LG, Morey G, Bradai MN, Kallianotis A, Soldo A, Hemida F, Saad A, Dimech M, Peristeraki P, Bariche M, Clo S, De Sabata E, Castellano L, Garibaldi F, Lanteri L, Tinti F, Pais A, Sperone E, Micarelli P, Poisson F, Sion L, Carlucci R, Cebrian-Menchero D, Séret B, Ferretti F, El-Far A, Saygu I, Shakman E, Bartoli A, Guallart J, Damalas D, Megalofonou P, Vacchi M, Bottaro M, Notarbartolo Di Sciara G, Follesa M, Cannas R, Kabasakal H, Zava B, Cavlan G, Jung A, Abudaya M, Kolitari J, Barash A, Joksimovic A, Marceta B, Gonzales Vilas L, Tiralongo F, Giovos I, Bargnesi F, Lelli S, Barone M, Moro S, Mazzoldi C, Charis C, Abella AJ, Serena, F. (2020). MEDLEM database, a data collection on large Elasmobranchs in the Mediterranean and Black seas. Mediterranean Marine Science, 21(2):276-288.

Moro S, Jona‐Lasinio G, Block BA, Micheli F, De Leo G, Serena F, Bottaro M, Scacco U, Ferretti F. (2020). Abundance and distribution of the white shark in the Mediterranean Sea. Fish and Fisheries, 21(2):338-349.

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