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Foto Rosario CalogeroResearch fellow
Integrative Marine Ecology Department – SZN Sicily Marine Centre – MESSINA

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Naples - Italy
Tel.: +39 3663689049
E-mail: rosario.calogero(at)szn.it, rosariocalogero87(at)pec.it

Curriculum Vitae

Supervisor: Teresa Romeo
Appointed on project: PON Marine Hazard

Research Interests

Even today, the main source of marine pollution comes from oil. Precisely for this reason, the hydrocarbon degrading bacteria that are part of the marine microbial community capable of degrading hydrocarbons play a very important role. Within the Marine Hazard project I would like to evaluate the stress of some marine organisms, in environments with hydrothermal activity, due to environmental contamination and the implementation of experimental methods for bioremediation. All this by exploiting molecular methods and classical microbiology associated with an accurate chemical analysis. My studies take place in the laboratory but also in the field by carrying out numerous samplings

Selected Publications

Cappello, S., Russo, D., Santisi, S., Calogero, R., Gertler, C., Crisafi, F., De Domenico, M., Yakimov, M.M.(2012). Presence of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria in gills of mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis in polluted environment: a mesoscale simulation study. Chemistry & Ecology.

Cappello, S., Santisi, S., Calogero, R. Hassanshahian, Yakimov, M.M.(2012). Characterisation of oil degrading bacteria isolated from bilge water. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution volume 223: 3219–3226.

Cappello, S. Genovese, M., Della Torre, C., Crisafi, A., Hassanshahian, M., Santisi, S., Calogero, R., Yakimov, M.M. (2012). Effect of Bioemulsificant Exopolysaccharide (EPS2003) on microbial community dynamics during assays of oil spill bioremediation: a microcosm study. Marine Pollution Bulletin Volume 64: 2820-2828.

Genovese, M. Crisafi, F., Denaro, R., Cappello , S., Russo, D., ., Calogero, R ,Santisi, S., Catalfamo M, Modica A, Smedile F, Genovese L, Golyshin PN, Giuliano L, Yakimov, M.M.(2014). Effective bioremediation strategy for rapid in situ cleanup of anoxic marine sediments in mesocosm oil spill simulation. Frontiers in Microbiology.

Cappello, S. Calogero, R., Santisi , S., Genovese , M., Denaro, R., ., Genovese, L ,Giuliano , L., Mancini G, Yakimov, M.M.(2015). Bioremediation of oil polluted marine sediments: A bio-engineering treatment. International Microbiology 18:127-134

Bovio E, Gnavi G, Prigione V, Spina F, Denaro R, Yakimov MM, Calogero R,Crisafi F, Varese GC (2017).The culturable mycobiota of a Mediterranean marine site after an oil spill: isolation,identification and potential application in bioremediation. Science of the Total Environment

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