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Sex in marine planktonic diatoms: insights and challenges

Blue-Print Autophagy: Potential for Cancer Treatment

Environmental processes driving anchovy and sardine distribution in a highly variable environment: the role of the coastal structure and riverine input

Regulation of chain length in two diatoms as a growth-fragmentation process

New insights into negative effects of lithium on sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus embryos

Connectivity and stock composition of loggerhead turtles foraging on the North African continental shelf (Central Mediterranean): implications for conservation and management

An in situ assessment of local adaptation in a calcifying polychaete froma shallow CO2 vent system

Dispersal similarly shapes both population genetics and community patterns in the marine realm

Oithona similis likes it cool: evidence from two long-term time series

Echinoderm systems for gene regulatory studies in evolution and development

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