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Linking gene expression to productivity to unravel long- and short-term responses of seagrasses exposed to CO2 in volcanic vents

Relating trophic resources to community structure: a predictive index of food availability

Fish otoliths in superficial sediments of the Mediterranean Sea

An ecosystem-based deep-ocean strategy - Monitoring and assessment must underpin development of a new international agreement

Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Communications among Invertebrates Mediated by Plant-Produced Volatile Organic Compounds

Long-term acclimation to reciprocal light conditions suggests depth-related selection in the marine foundation species Posidonia oceanica

Evolutionary genomics of the cold-adapted diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus

A Differential Transcriptomic Approach to Compare Target Genes of Homologous Transcription Factors in Echinoderm Species

Sea Urchin Bioassays in Toxicity Testing: I. Inorganics, Organics, Complex Mixtures and Natural Products

Sea Urchin Bioassays in Toxicity Testing: II. Sediment Evaluation

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