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Extending full protection inside existing marine protected areas, or reducing fishing effort outside, can reconcile conservation and fisheries goals

Genomic resources for the domoic acid-producing diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multistriata

Morphological and phylogenetic data do not support the split of Alexandrium into four genera

Unravelling the evolutionary history of kisspeptin

Comparative Neurobiology of Biogenic Amines in Animal Models in Deuterostomes

Neurobiological activity of conotoxins via sodium channel modulation

Insights into the Light Response of Skeletonema marinoi: Involvement of Ovothiol

Phenology and ecology of the alien seagrass Halophila stipulacea in its northern range limit in the Mediterranean Sea

Rimbp, a New Marker for the Nervous System of the Tunicate Ciona robusta

The Cis-Regulatory Code for Kelch-like 21/30 Specific Expression in Ciona robusta Sensory Organs

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