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A preliminary attempt to investigate mirror self-recognition in Octopus vulgaris

Small-scale fisheries catch more threatened elasmobranchs inside partially protected areas than in unprotected areas

Marine heatwaves drive recurrent mass mortalities in the Mediterranean Sea

The type species of the diatom genus Chaetoceros

Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the northern South China Sea: Evidence of a nursing ground?

Science and Dissemination for the UN Ocean Decade Outcomes: Current Trends and Future Perspectives

An integrated strategy for monitoring cetaceans in data-poor regions

Priorities for ocean microbiome research

Temporal changes of genetic structure and diversity in a marine diatom genus discovered via metabarcoding

Biogeography of six species in the planktonic diatom genus Bacteriastrum (Bacillariophyta)

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