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Priorities for ocean microbiome research

Temporal changes of genetic structure and diversity in a marine diatom genus discovered via metabarcoding

Biogeography of six species in the planktonic diatom genus Bacteriastrum (Bacillariophyta)

ClimateFish: A Collaborative Database to Track the Abundance of Selected Coastal Fish Species as Candidate Indicators of Climate Change in the Mediterranean Sea

Vertical distribution of Pseudo-nitzschia in the Gulf of Naples across the seasons

Jellyfish from Fisheries By-Catches as a Sustainable Source of High-Value Compounds with Biotechnological Applications

First certain record of Demospongiae class (Porifera) alien species from the Mediterranean Sea

Marine Demospongiae: A Challenging Treasure of Bioactive Compounds

Feasibility of the Sabellarid Reef Habitat Restoration

Management and Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Environments through Smart Monitoring and Automation

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