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Response of two temperate scleractinian corals to projected ocean warming and marine heatwaves

Seagrass genomes reveal ancient polyploidy and adaptations to the marine environment

Sea cucumbers: an emerging system in evo‑devo

Functional changes across marine habitats due to ocean acidification

Marine sponges as promising candidates for integrated aquaculture combining biomass increase and bioremediation: an updated review

De Novo Assembly of the Genome of the Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck 1816)

Characterizing the bacterial communities associated with Mediterranean sponges: a metataxonomic analysis

Microbial associates of an endemic Mediterranean seagrass enhance the access of the host and the surrounding seawater to inorganic nitrogen under ocean acidification

Ferroptosis precedes apoptosis to facilitate specific death signalling by fatty acids

Sinus venosus adaptation models prolonged cardiovascular disease and reveals insights into evolutionary transitions of the vertebrate heart

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