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22 October-2 November 2018
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Naples, Italy

For many zooplanktonic species, the taxonomic status is still unresolved because the descriptions are insufficient for the complexity of morphological characters. Moreover, many cryptic or sibling species have been recently detected with molecular analyses. Only the integration of morphological and molecular approaches, coupled with phylogenetic analyses, will allow us to resolve the taxonomic problems that still hinder our clear comprehension of species distribution and evolution.

The Marine Organism Taxonomy Service at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Naples has launched a series of Advanced Zooplankton Courses (AZC) to provide an advanced training on integrative morphological and molecular taxonomy of marine zooplankton.

AZC1 will be focused on copepods and will improve and update the expertise in species identification of selected families: Aetideidae, Paracalanidae, Spinocalanidae, Corycaeidae, Oithonidae, and Oncaeidae, which are diverse, common and abundant in epipelagic and/or mesopelagic oceanic waters.

The course will also provide an opportunity to interact and discuss with specialized experts on new challenges of marine copepods taxonomy in the molecular era.

AZC1 is open to 20 participants with documented experience in copepod identification.

Registration fee: 600 €

EMBRC supports AZC1 with funds to cover the fee for three participants.

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