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Rhodolith Beds Heterogeneity along the Apulian Continental Shelf (Mediterranean Sea)

Reproductive Processes of Marine Animals as Biomarker for Environmental Stress Impact

Patterns in microbiome composition differ with ocean acidification in anatomic compartments of the Mediterranean coral Astroides calycularis living at CO2 vents

Chemical Defense in Marine Organisms

m6A RNA Methylation in Marine Plants: First Insights and Relevance for Biological Rhythms

De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Gene Expression Profiling of the Copepod Calanus helgolandicus Feeding on the PUA-Producing Diatom Skeletonema marinoi

RNA-Seq and differential gene expression analysis in Temora stylifera copepod females with contrasting non-feeding nauplii survival rates: an environmental transcriptomics study

A Review of Toxins from Cnidaria

Social equity and marine protected areas: Perceptions of small-scale fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea

Extending full protection inside existing marine protected areas, or reducing fishing effort outside, can reconcile conservation and fisheries goals

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