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Diatom Phytochromes Reveal the Existence of Far-Red-Light-Based Sensing in the OceanOPEN

TURBOGEN: Computer-controlled vertically oscillating grid system for small-scale turbulence studies on plankton

Ion Currents in Embryo Development

Seasonal heterogeneity of ocean warming: a mortality sink ofr ectotherm colonizers

The impact of Directive 2010/63/EU on cephalopod research

Learning and memory in Octopus vulgaris: a case of biological plasticity

Insights into global diatom distribution and diversity in the world’s ocean

Distribution, occurrence and biotoxin composition of the main shellfish toxin producing microalgae within European waters: A comparison of methods of analysis

Comparative toxicities of selected rare earth elements:Seaurchin embryogenesis and fertilization damage with redox and cytogenetic effects

Toxic Diatom Aldehydes Affect Defence Gene Networks in Sea Urchins

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